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Maruya Recipe

Maruya (Maruyang Saging) is the Filipino version of banana fritters, it’s one of the favorite afternoon snack for Pinoys. The snack is made out of Saging na Saba coated in a batter and fried until golden brown, the sprinkling of powdered sugar adds sweetness to the dish. How to prepare […]


Turon Recipe

Turon is a famous merienda (snack) dish that you can easily find anywhere in the country. It’s a local banana variety called saba rolled in brown sugar, wrapped in lumpia (spring roll) wrapper and deep fried in oil. Because the snack is easily available, we seldom cook it at home. […]


Nilupak na Saba Recipe

Nilupak can either be saba (banana variety) or cassava, it’s a favorite merienda for Filipinos. Traditionally, Nilupak is prepared by pounding all the ingredients in a large mortal and pestle (lusong). For this recipe, I used saba as the main ingredients, Nilupak na Balinghoy (cassava) recipe is also available. Nilupak […]