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Pork Recipes

Tokwa’t Baboy Recipe

Tokwa’t Baboy is a Filipino dish composed of Tokwa (firm tofu) and pork (combination of pig’s ear and pork belly) served with sweet, sour & spicy sauce. Although it is normally served as sides for Lugaw (rice porridge) or Goto, Tokwa’t Baboy can also be served as appetizers or pulutan […]

Seafood Recipes

Nilasing na Hipon Recipe

Nilasing na Hipon literally translated as drunken shrimps, it’s a Filipino delicacy where shrimps are marinated with liquor (normally gin), coated with cornstarch and fried until crispy. Nilasing na Hipon can either be served as viand or pulutan with spicy vinegar dip. Nilasing na Hipon Cooking Procedure: Wash and drain […]

Pork Recipes

Sizzling Sisig Recipe

Sisig is a favorite pulutan and appetizers among Filipino foodies, the dish originated in the Province of Pampanga, it was invented by Aling Lucing Cunanan, it was believed that she got the inspiration when she found out that the pig’s heads are being discarded and thrown by American chef’s inside […]