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Homemade Banana Chips Recipe

There are several ways of preparing Banana Chips, some prepare baking it in a oven but Pinoys want it crisp and sweet. For most Filipinos, Banana chips are cooked by deep frying slices of bananas and dipping it in a simple syrup. The delicacy is normally consumed as merienda (snack) […]

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Ukoy Recipe

This is my personal favorite, Ukoy has been my comfort food since childhood. The dish is so versatile that you can eat it as merienda or with rice. Preparing Ukoy is quite easy, it’s delicious and healthy. Ukoy Cooking Procedure Sift the first five batter ingredients together in a bowl. […]


Nilupak na Balinghoy Recipe

Nilupak na Balinghoy is another variety of the Pinoy’s favorite merienda, the other being the Nilupak na Saba, this recipe requires additional ingredient, i.e. milk. Nilupak na Saba Cooking Procedure Peel and cut cassava into cubes, boil them until they become soft (not soggy). Mash it manually (or you can […]


Nilupak na Saba Recipe

Nilupak can either be saba (banana variety) or cassava, it’s a favorite merienda for Filipinos. Traditionally, Nilupak is prepared by pounding all the ingredients in a large mortal and pestle (lusong). For this recipe, I used saba as the main ingredients, Nilupak na Balinghoy (cassava) recipe is also available. Nilupak […]