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Pork Recipes

Tokwa’t Baboy Recipe

Tokwa’t Baboy is a Filipino dish composed of Tokwa (firm tofu) and pork (combination of pig’s ear and pork belly) served with sweet, sour & spicy sauce. Although it is normally served as sides for Lugaw (rice porridge) or Goto, Tokwa’t Baboy can also be served as appetizers or pulutan […]

Vegetable Recipes

Atsara Recipe

Atsara (Pickled Green Papaya) is a Filipino appetizer made out of unripe papaya mixed with carrots, chilli & ginger and cooked with pickling solution of vinegar, sugar & salt. Atsara is best enjoyed as side dish to any fried dish. Atsara Cooking Procedure: Peel and grate green papaya, this should […]