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Vegetable Recipes

Diningding Recipe

Diningding or Dinengdeng is an Ilocano dish of mixed vegetables boiled in a mixture of water and bagoong juice then served with fried (or grilled) fish on top. Grilled dalag is the fish of choice but you can use other fish variety like tilapia or even bangus. I personally prefer […]

Pork Recipes

Sizzling Sisig Recipe

Sisig is a favorite pulutan and appetizers among Filipino foodies, the dish originated in the Province of Pampanga, it was invented by Aling Lucing Cunanan, it was believed that she got the inspiration when she found out that the pig’s heads are being discarded and thrown by American chef’s inside […]

Beef Recipes

Papaitang Baka Recipe

Papaitan (or Pinapaitan) is a dish made of ox (or goat) innards in sour broth, the souring agent used for this dish are sampaloc (tamarind) juice and bile. The dish originated north of Manila in the Ilocos Region, it is a popular as pulutan (pica pica) and as ulam (viand) […]

Rice Recipes

Champorado Recipe

Champorado is a favorite Pinoy breakfast dish, it is made out of sticky (glutinous) rice blended with cocoa, sugar and milk to form a rich, sweet and delicious porridge. Although eaten normally as breakfast, champorado can be eaten as merienda and best during rainy season. Champorado is best served with […]

Seafood Recipes, Vegetable Recipes

Ukoy Recipe

This is my personal favorite, Ukoy has been my comfort food since childhood. The dish is so versatile that you can eat it as merienda or with rice. Preparing Ukoy is quite easy, it’s delicious and healthy. Ukoy Cooking Procedure Sift the first five batter ingredients together in a bowl. […]


Turon Recipe

Turon is a famous merienda (snack) dish that you can easily find anywhere in the country. It’s a local banana variety called saba rolled in brown sugar, wrapped in lumpia (spring roll) wrapper and deep fried in oil. Because the snack is easily available, we seldom cook it at home. […]

Pasta Recipe

Basic Pasta Recipe

Pasta dishes has been a staple in every Filipino household, we prepare pasta dishes for merienda, dinner and for special occasions. Evidently, we have concocted our own version of the famous spaghetti, we made it sweet to fit out taste buds. Although it’s easier to prepare pasta dishes using the […]


Pichi Pichi Recipe

Pichi-Pichi is a sticky gelatinous cake made from grated cassava and steamed for 45 minutes or until firm, golden in color clear. Pichi-Pichi is normally prepared in flat circle shaped cake rolled in grated coconut, others prefer forming it into balls before rolling it in grated coconuts. Pichi-Pichi Cooking procedure: […]