Turon Recipe

Turon is a famous merienda (snack) dish that you can easily find anywhere in the country. It’s a local banana variety called saba rolled in brown sugar, wrapped in lumpia (spring roll) wrapper and deep fried in oil.

Because the snack is easily available, we seldom cook it at home. There are a lot of new innovative ideas that came out to up the level of the Turon, the addition of jackfruit for one and others adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream before serving it, this makes it a great dessert after a filling meal.

Turon Cooking Procedure

  1. Start by rolling the sliced banana on the brown sugar plate, make sure that the is well coated banana with brown sugar
  2. Arrange the banana with sugar coating and ripe (or preserved) jackfruit in the spring roll wrapper, place them in the center and make sure that there’s enough space at both ends
  3. Fold and lock the spring roll wrapper, use water to seal the edge*
  4. In a pan, heat the oil and add some brown sugar.Wait until the brown sugar floats
  5. Put-in the wrapped banana and fry until the wrapper turns golden brown and the extra sugar sticks on wrapper
  6. Serve hot during dessert or merienda.

Chef’s note:

* I normally keep both ends open.

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